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Get our free online math tools for graphing, geometry, 3D, and more! Practical and easy method of learning the Danish and Norwegian languages by H. Danish: it is the language of the Norwegian literature. Alle mennesker er født frie og med samme menneskeverd og menneskerettigheter. De er utstyrt med fornuft og samvittighet og bør handle mot hverandre i brorskapets ånd. Alle menneske er fødde til fridom og med same menneskeverd og menneskerettar.

Dei har fått fornuft og samvit og skal leve med kvarandre som brør. Best før, men ikke dårlig etter? Many municipalities have limited number of places on the test. We therefore recommend you register early in the registration period.

The test is held in all counties. You cannot register for the same test more than once in the same test period. You cannot register for the test when the registration is closed. Some test centres only arrange tests for those who live in the same municipality.

If you register in another municipality, you may lose your place on the test. If your municipality doesn’t offer the test, you will have to contact another municipality to hear if you are able to take the test there. If you are travelling from another country to take the test, you will have to check with the test centre before you regsiter, to see if you can take the test there. Who can register for the test? Anybody who wants to can sign up.

If you have the right to Norwegian language tuition free of charge, you have the right to take all parts of the test free of charge once. You need to contact the Adult Learning Center in your municipality to register for the free test. If you do not have the right to free Norwegian language tuition, or you have taken the test before, you must pay to take the test. If you are paying for the test yourself, you have to register for the test on this site when registration opens. Registration for parts of the test You can register for both, oral and written Norwegian language tests, or just one of them.

Each municipality decides the price of the test. If you have the right and the obligation to participate in Norwegian language tuition, you can take the test for free once. If you are not entitled to free tuition, you have to pay for the test. If you want to retake the test or parts of the test, you will be charged a fee. Adaptation of the test locally You can adjust the sound on the headphones, and the size of text in the test on the computer at the test centre.